if youre not son goten do not read any further!!!

you told me my forehead was cute. you told me all your secrets and i cant even tell you one tiny secret. ive kept it forever but friends dont keep secrets... i love your dumb stupid face and i wanna hold hands and take baths together again i wanna be with you always even if we fight and do sumb stuff! i wanna go to somewhere where its spring and lay in a meadow with you. i wanna be cheesy as hell with you and i wanna be able to call you not only my best friend but my boyfriend cmon lets be gotenks again ecen if its just for a minute.... dude....

You bring out feelings in me I never show Nobody has made me feel this way before I'm a good boy, but I wanna be bad for you I wanna be bad for you I wanna be bad-ad-ad I wanna be bad for you I wanna be bad